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Offline Music Player without wifi and Audius music streamer.

New: You can find Pro version of the app on our profile. App does not have ads.

Music Player app is NOT downloader. You can't download music with this app. Offline Music Player without wifi plays songs from your phone or tablet. It does stream music online from Audius. This is Music Player app that don't need WIFI if you listen local files.

Now have color THEMES. Try beautiful WHITE theme, or classy BLACK theme, or simply enjoy "classic" blue, or nice PINK theme.

Do you need a stylish, beautiful design, high quality Music Player app 2020 new, with minimal size, and all standard Music Player features, that work well and fast? You are in a right place.

Enjoy nice, beautiful and easy to use Now Play section. It gives you controls over music playing, shuffle or repeat songs, or simply browse songs list below. Browse all of your Music on your phone or tablet, based on songs, albums or artists. When you start app, it automatically scans for Music your phone memory, both sd-card and built in memory. Or if you don't have local files, stream music from Audius. In this Music Player app you can create as many playlists as you want. There are four predefined playlists, playlist with your favorites songs, playlist with songs you played the most, playlist with songs you recently played, and recently added playlist. Add songs to any playlist from NowPlay screen, add it to favorites as well. When you stream music from Audius, you can browse user created playlists. Many people like their own order of songs, that they organize with folders in their phone. If you are one of those organized people, browse your music in folders you created on your SD card or built in phone memory. Also, with one swipe, open recently played songs and albums view, and select something you recently were listening selected as smart recommendations based on your taste. This is stylish and elegant Music Player app 2020 new with minimalist and intuitive design. It's easy and comfortable to use, with all standard mp3 player features. High quality Music Player is a multi purpose audio player for tablets and smartphones. Enjoy the best music experience in your Android device with high quality sound. Browse and play songs on your device faster with this elegant app. You can use this player with shuffle like offline music player 2021 new . You can listen to artists and albums, or create your own playlists of your favorite songs with audio player easily! Use this modern, high quality beautiful design mp3 player to replace your default audio player. Use available sorting options for songs, albums. Switch to beautiful Now Play screen from any other part of the app. Audio plyer supports all the most popular music file formats like mp3, FLAC, PCM/WAVE, MIDI, Vorbis, AAC ELD, HE-AACv2, HE-AACv1, AAC LC. Packed with features, yet a very subtle and minimalist design, with no performance issues. It is so simple to use, sleek and fast, it looks appealing, and if any tracks are missing album art, it downloads album art automatically. Audio Player plays songs from your phone or stream music from Audius Music player app 2021 new gives you the opportunity to find enjoyment in music from SD card and and without wifi

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